Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Which nail polish color?

I have golden-brown skin and it's quite difficult to find a nail-polish colour matching to my skin..

any advice??Which nail polish color?
never go for shimmers or bronzed type.Always go for matt colors.

you can try:

light purple,

nude skin tone,

light pink,

even french manicure looks great.Which nail polish color?
May sound weird but I am a nail tech and black polish looks really hot on brown skin tones, its really classy looking once you put it on and have on a nice pair of sandals or outfit
a nice red. a very royal red.. i will really pop out with your skin
broken white

Which nail enamel color looks very sexy on fair fingers? i think BLOOD RED.?

Black looks good, I don't know about it in the summer though. It always looks good on Nicole Richie!Which nail enamel color looks very sexy on fair fingers? i think BLOOD RED.?
Go bold. Like dark red, silver, emerald, sapphire etc. Any dark gem color looks sexy and dramatic. Go with bright colors if you are feeling energetic and playful. Go with nudes if you are feeling flirty.Which nail enamel color looks very sexy on fair fingers? i think BLOOD RED.?
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Red is great... matching or contrasting outfits also is fantastic. But you never go wrong with basic red.
Go bold. I love vibrant shades such as fire red, purple, orange %26amp; royal blue.
in summer i think bright colors like coral are good...i like blood red in the winter though!
blood red is going to make you look more pale, go with something softer like a french manicure
that and a bold pink or an icy blue color but nothing with glitter.........too risky
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  • Favorite Nail Polish Color?

    Every one has their own opinions. What color represents you?Favorite Nail Polish Color?
    Red/ purple or pinkFavorite Nail Polish Color?
    Toes: Spring-ish colors. Natural colors, pastels. I also like reds.

    Fingers: I usually don't like any color. But I like tropical colors.
    Any colour as long as it's pretty and of good quality
    I really like lime green for some reason

    and white

    and grey

    Help me?


    I looooove the sephora by opi collection

    my fave colors are run with it and im with brad




    HERE is the rest

    My all-time favorite was Vamp by Chanel, but it is no more. Other than that, I don't really have one particular color that I like. I change them around, depending on my mood.
    My favorite right now is ';fuchsia fever'; by revlon. It's a drugstore brand, but I really like it!
    depends on the season.

    fall/winter i usually wear black or red

    spring/summer i wear pinks and peachy colors
    i like black,and a dried blood red ^_^

    Hot nail polish color?

    what colors are gonna be popular for fall/winter 2009??Hot nail polish color?
    The colors of the leaves! Hope this helps!!!!Hot nail polish color?
    I personally find neon pink to be really nice. I wear it all the time, and its a lighter more feminine color than black
    You can't go wrong with black!
    black is sooo in!

    This is kind of dumb, but i can't decide what color to get for my finger nail polish, haha.?

    this is kind of dumb,

    but i'm getting my nails done,

    the french tips,

    but instead of white i want a color,

    something uncommon,

    and sparkly, haha.

    i'm a major gilry girl.

    pink is too common though,

    somebody wanna help me decide?

    i don't know if it helps,

    but i'm a brunette,

    somewhat tan,

    so haha, suggestions please!This is kind of dumb, but i can't decide what color to get for my finger nail polish, haha.?
    get a silvery white ish shade

    van couvered in snow by opi.

    i think its a cute twist w.out being too weird.

    and it brings out your tan!This is kind of dumb, but i can't decide what color to get for my finger nail polish, haha.?
    to look tan either go with a neon color- purple yellow pink or green, or go with a pastel- light light pink, almost gray, light red or off white. thats whats popular for fall.
    Since school is almost about to start (some places it has already started) so you should get a more fall colors and not summer colors. So i would just get a plain french. =)
    if ur getting acryllics, then get like a purple line whre the pink and white meet. and then a sparkly one over thatttt..thats cuute

    orrr if ur just getting them frenchhh..then you couldd..whoa um idk bout that one hahaha.
    your right it is kinda dumb.. but what ever...lol

    i love orange... i am a brunette also... not so tan but i really love orange...lol
    um.. you can get it white and sparkly!
    I have seen yellow and green but i dont think so. try a sparkly purple or turquiose

    What do the different color nail polishes mean...?

    because i read somewhere that they have some relationship to certain ';sexual favors'; a girl will give. and i was wondering what color means what. thanks!!!What do the different color nail polishes mean...?
    I think it maens you are wearing similar colour clothes. Sheesh,What do the different color nail polishes mean...?
    well nailpolish is not a secret code. sorry to tell you but i wear every colour of nal polish and i aint doing no sexual favours. f a girl wear none, does it mean shs a virgin or frigid? no. so if you wanna know what a girl is into, just ask her. or if shes already your gf, well try it out........
    I think that's the ';Rainbow';, which is the gay and lesbian pride symbol... It began in 1978 when it first appeared in the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. Borrowing symbolism from the hippie movement and black civil rights groups, San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker designed the rainbow flag in response to a need for a symbol that could be used year after year. The 6 Colors of the flag are Red for life Orange for healing Yellow for sun Green for nature Blue for harmony Purple for spirit
    im known for wearing nail polish to match my outfit, and i do it because i love color... but ive never heard of that...

    What is the best color nail polish to wear with a dark purple and black dress?

    I'm going to a dance and my dress is dark purple and black so what would be the best color nail polish to wear with it. (This is a formal dance, but I don't know if that makes a difference.) :]

    this is the dress: http://nanettelepore.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod380021%26amp;parentId=cat301%26amp;masterId=cat000000%26amp;cmCat=cat000000cat301%26amp;index=12%26amp;tid=P9What is the best color nail polish to wear with a dark purple and black dress?
    Doesnt matter on the length of your nails. I have always liked gold or any metalic. I think black would be too Goth, but a purple might be ok, depending how much purple is in your dress.

    For Metalics try, OPI Brisbane Bronze or Golden Rules for purples try OPI Boris and Natasha, or Catherine the GrapeWhat is the best color nail polish to wear with a dark purple and black dress?
    A neutral color. You don't want your nails fighting your dress for attention.
    black, only if your nails are super short and filed though, if your nails are long, youll look like your goth, or like you have witch fingers, what i do with black though, since it chips, is go to a nail place, any, it doesnt matter, and tell them you want an verlay of acrylic, and to cut and file your nails short first. The acrylic on your nail will help the black nail polish last a LOOOONG time.
    There's nothing wrong with goths. You freaks.

    Dark purple to match the dress, with black accents or tips.
    Dark purple or black (on short nails), neutral/nude with dark purple or black tips, or just neutral/nude.
    Black or purple would just make u look Goth (that's not ur look right?) I'd pick a nice shimmery silver. It will go beautifully.
    That dress is CUTE! Go for a plum or dark purple. Either that or go for a clear but manicured look. Black will look too gothy.
    black if your nails are long enough
    just clear topcoat or a french manicure.

    or silver for a funky metallic twist.

    that's a cute and unique dress, btw.

    french tips are very elegant for formal dances.

    white nail polish . clear , somesort :D

    nothing that stands out too much ..

    avoid bright colors
    No question: OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark!

    It's a dark purple/black and if done well (neatly trimmed nails and a glossy finish) it will look very classy and sexy!

    Use a good base coat and then top the color off with Seche Vite clear top coat for a really glassy smooth finish.

    Knock 'em dead!
    Love the dress. I'd go for dark purple, black might look chic if you do it right,but purple would be better. Maybe an inky purple like:


    in Lincoln Park After Dark would be perfect.


    Siberian Nights


    Lincoln Park at midnight is gorgeous.

    did I mention that i love the dress...?
    black with gold frech tips

    go for something unexpected

    and plus gold goes with almost anything